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nieuws 02As described above for the BG2-3 series the new seal configuration offers for the larger pump models of the BG 4 and 5 an increased system pressure to 6 bar. This due to the positive balancing of the seal. For applications with poor suction conditions (self-priming pumps, bad NPSHa, too small suction pipe diameters etc) we now can apply impellers without the pressure release bores.

pompselectieprogramma pump floARBO is constantly adding pump variants to enlarge the range. If you want most updated information that you will not find in your hardcopy catalogue, please try our selection program that always shows you all of our possibilities. 

fijne feestdagen arbo pompenWe thank you very much for your support and cooperation that made the year of 2018 very successful and we hope to continue our relationship next year in the same pleasant way!

nieuws 01For the SIC/SIC seal combination we developed a new surface structure and material combination of the seal faces. The combination of the two seal faces has changed into SSIC. One of the seal faces has a composite with graphite, giving improved dry running abilities and even higher chemical resistance to alkaline chemicals and acids The seal surface structure is provided with micro dimples, creating a capillary function.

For the entire SealPro range the new material SSIC with graphite filler is now available as an option. (SSICG)

  • Better chemical resistance, specially with very corrosive alkaline and etching acids.
  • Dry running abilities are improved by using graphite filler in the SSIC/SSICG
  • Less wear in situations with chapped liquids.
  • 100% exchangeable with the old parts. This option can even be used in existing pump models with impellers provided with pressure release bores.