The DW series is superseded entirely by the SumPro series. In the new documentation only the new models will be presented and quoted for.pumps
For after sales on existing projects we have 100% exchangeable types available. As an example:

for the DO-100-DW we offer the DO-32-125
for the DO-300/400 we offer the DO-50-125.
Between the SumPro and HD series there was a gap which now has been filled with the new SumPro DO 40-160 and DO-50-160 models which can be equipped with motors up to 5,5 KW max. This expansion in the SumPro makes smaller ranges in the HD series obsolete.
For the DO-HD new IE2 and IE3 motors are available in 5,5 and 7,5 KW with extended shafts.

Tip: when replacement  pumps are required for older pump models you have to realise that these pumps have evaluated over time in efficiency. So a 1:1 exchange will probably lead to a much higher capacity than expected with the risk of too high suction line velocities etc. We recommend to always recalculate new replacement pumps against the actual process requirements. Please contact us in case of doubt. Calculate with 1 m/sec max suction line speed to be on the safe side.