Magdrive pump


Characteristics mag drive pump

  • Also self priming
  • High pressure turbine executions
  • Max. 60 m³/h, max. 90 mz
  • Magnetic drive pumps are Seal-less
  • Equipped with a closed impeller

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Working principle magdrive pump                                

We often get the question, magdrive pumps how they work? Magdrive pumps are Seal-less. The driving torque is transmitted by a permanent magnetic coupling to an internal magnet that moves the impeller. They also ask, are mag drive pumps quiet? We make all our magdrive pumps as quiet as they can possibly be. 

Applications Magdrive Pump


For all transport or circulation duties of pure chemicals or other corrosive liquids. AM pumps are equipped with a closed impeller(except the smallest type that has an open impeller), with optimum efficiency. It is fixed onto the shaft independent from the direction of rotation.

Magdrive pump

Materials Magdrive Pumps

For most of the applications, Polypropylene (PP) is sufficient. If concentrated chemicals must be pumped and/or at higher temperatures, the medium contact materials consist of PVDF.

The plastic parts are reinforced with fibres. As a result, the pump is stronger despite the fact that less material is used, and retains its physical characteristics in the case of possible increases in temperature and/or pressure. In this way, the chance on leaking gaskets is minimized.

Technical details Magdrive pumps

 magdrive Pump table

All about our magdrive pump and Arbo Pumps in this video:

Magdrive pump materials of construction 

 Magdrive Pump specifications

 Magdrive pumps dimensions & heights

 magdrive pump dimensions and heights
 magdrive pump

 Dimensions & Weights Magdrive pumps 


magdrive pump motor



For the close coupled pumps, that do not require precise alignment, ARBO offers lightweight and cost attractive baseplates. The major advantage of using a baseplate are that pump and/or motor foot is not in direct contact with the floor. Especially on factory floors there may be chemical spills that will normally cause corrosion to the metal parts. By placing a corrosion resistant baseplate, the setup will last longer, look better and eventually save cost!
 Magdrive pump


More information and advice on which magdrive pump is the most appropriate for your organisation? Please contact us.

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